Drishti Earth is involved in various projects that deal with real world sustainability issues, including:


Organic Food-50.png
  • Using sustainable practices in all internal real estate projects
  • Developing new sustainability concepts in development
  • Consulting on other large scale real estate projects to incorporate sustainability
  • Evaluating new vendors and technologies for potential application in real estate projects

FOOD Security

  • Utilising agricultural land bank to improve farming practices and transitioning to organic farming
  • Developing Farm to Table concept to improve access to fresh produce
  • Pioneering urban farms and vertical farms as potential solutions to the immense problem of food security

Waste management

  • Conducting waste management for the 105 kms stretches of beaches for the Government of Goa
  • Responsible for keeping the beaches clean for the huge number of tourists visiting every year
  • Constantly innovating solutions on best sustainable uses for the types of waste generated


  • Integrating home automation products into energy savings in households
  • Using automation technology to enhance sustainability, especially in urban farming 


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