Drishti Earth is a sustainability solutions company working on some of the toughest issues facing India today

Climate Change is a real problem which effects the economic, social and environmental development of the world, especially for developing countries like India. Some of the issues that need to be addressed are Food Security, Waste Management, Energy Reliance, Safe Water Availability and Coastal Resilience. At Drishti Earth, we are in the business of coming up with innovative solutions to build adaptation and mitigation capability. 

We are very passionate about achieving environmentally sustainable development. We believe that the way forward is through new technologies and greater innovation. Hence we are striving to bring cutting edge products and technologies within your reach. 

We are currently focused on Urban Waste Management which is a pressing issue facing India today because:

  • Not enough municipal capacity to treat the quantities of waste being generated leading to most waste ending up in unsanitary landfills
  • Collection and transport of waste from generators to landfills/treatment centres is extremely costly inefficient
  • Waste is not being optimally treated for its best possible use, causing unnecessary loss of valuable resources to the economy
  • There is no scalable decentralised solution to effectively address this issue

THE WASTANATOR: Our unique waste management system allows for Municipal Solid Waste to be efficiently managed at a decentralised level, at the source of waste generation.


Our Team:

Stuti Somani Agarwal, CEO

Stuti has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sustainable Development as well as a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development; both from Columbia University in New York City. She is the director of real estate for Drishti Group, with vast experience in management and development of properties. She has also worked for Tata Power’s Sustainability department and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

Pramod Siddagangaiah

Pramod is an experienced waste management professional having worked in the Indian Institute of Science, researching on waste management, smart cities and sustainable living. He is particularly interested in developing products, natural materials and sustainable technologies. He is deeply passionate about the environment and sees sustainable living as the only viable option for human development.