The Wastanator is a decentralized product solution for every day municipal solid waste, using a unique in vessel composting method along with customized sensor based cloud computing

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  • Sensor based data makes process accessible to all users, independent of knowledge of composting

  • Sensors & data analysis allow the system to generate timely responses to correct issues in composting process

  • Real time data collection with cloud based app and display for users

  • Data analysis can facilitate logistics such as pick up trucks

  • Process can be corrected as & when there are deviations, hence making the system more efficient at natural composting than traditional systems


  • Footprint: 6’ by 5’ with height of 4’

  • Already installed rain protection

  • Can be installed in any constrained or outdoor space

  • Flat packable/in vessel system allows for easy installation anywhere

  • Passive aeration system prevents need for turning or forcing air



  • Automated segregation system for wet & dry waste

  • Screw press capability to remove excess moisture

  • Activated charcoal panels to reduce odors

  • Dry waste storage solutions

  • Shredder system in case of large particles

  • Solar connectivity in case of off grid



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